We help transform great ideas into success. Growth capital for great accomplishments. Leadership as a team. Ideal partners for local ventures.

What we do

We empower entrepreneurs!  We connect entrepreneurs and SME\'s into our ecosystem in order to fast-track bottom-line results and maximize value via customized strategies and providing a unique blend or resources through that environment.

We believe that value-generation across emerging markets can come in many ways or forms. Just as a given entrepreneur is unique, so are the internal and market factors surrounding the business idea, value proposition or SME that he created and actively manages. Therefore, DNA doesn\'t box it\'s approach to a particular investment structure or industry. We evaluate the fit or the entrepreneur, the idea or the current company within our ecosystem, asking ourselves whether the SME or entrepreneur adds value to the exosystem and vice versa. In most cases we have supported our portfolio of companies and family of entrepreneurs through seed & growth capital, joint-ventures and franchising.

Our shared services division nurtures our entire ecosystem allowing for operational efficiencies and a greater access to knowledge and information.